Vehicles with a high EyeQ

MobilEye, an Israeli specialist in image processing, has developed an image processing system that can analyse video footage of the road to warn motorists of impending danger.

The system itself is built around the company’s EyeQ chip which comprises two 32 bit RISC ARM946E CPUs, four Vision Computing Engines (VCE), a multi channel DMA and several peripherals. The chip performs all the intensive vision computations such as tracking and pattern classification.

MobilEye has been developing the chip for several years in conjunction with partners including Philips and ARM. The first samples of the device are to be delivered to automotive customers by March.

The chip is designed to be used in the development of a video surveillance system that can analyse video footage of the road. Mobileye has developed an evaluation system based around the device that comes bundled with a small footprint camera and a display.

If linked to intelligent driver assistance systems, MobilEye said that the EyeQ system could eventually be used to automatically modify a vehicle’s speed, change lanes or take other avoidance measures without waiting for a driver to react.

The system can also work with interior cameras, allowing it to detect whether a driver is out of position during airbag deployment and make the necessary adjustments.

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