Versatile Mistral Wipes Out Packaging Problems

A uniquely customised Mistral modified atmosphere flowrapping system that combines packaging speed with hermetic sealing is the latest in a line of successes experienced by specialist textile products company Severn Delta.

Severn Delta produces a range of wet, textile-based wipes and wash cloths and one of the most problematical areas of successfully packaging them is avoiding the fluid from the wipes coming into contact with the external surfaces of the pack. That would also compromise seal integrity and label application.

PFM’s Mistral flowpack system using a film specified by Severn Delta that is ideal for use with such fluid impregnated products has overcome those risks.

One distinctive feature of PFM’s wet wipes packing system, which is producing 70 packs per minute hand-fed with 15 varieties of pack, is the precise die-cutting of the printed laminate material that is over labelled as it unwinds off the reel – the labels being either transparent, or printed. The Mistral accepts blocks of wet wipes and wraps them, whilst the special rotary D-cam long dwell end seal jaws provide an hermetic seal to prevent the product drying out.

However, the unique feature of the Mistral at Severn Delta, is that it has been especially reconfigured. Whereas the die-cutting and labelling station is usually installed at 90-degrees to the Mistral, to counter space constraints at Severn Delta’s Bridgwater, Somerset, factory, the die-cutting and labelling unit is positioned above the flow-wrapper’s infeed, effectively providing in-line operation.

Severn Delta’s engineering manager, Steve Lane, commented: “The Mistral is easy to use with a fairly long infeed and its touch screen control is highly effective. The Mistral’s ability to provide high quality sealing and overcome the potential for fluid dripping inside the seal is crucial to achieving the throughput we need and the integrity of each pack. PFM also performed very well in adapting the system to our specific requirements.”

The installation of the flowrapping system marks the latest phase in Severn Delta’s six-year relationship with PFM Packaging Machinery – the company has also been using PFM’s Swift and Hurricane flowrapping machines for its dry towels and wipes.

And Steve Lane added: “PFM, which supplied us with a high performance, compact system, is a very good company to work with and its equipment is very well built, solid and reliable. The company has played an important role in our continued development and this latest installation has further extended those benefits.”

Severn Delta’s customers include most of the UK’s leading retail outlets, including Waitrose, Sainsbury’s, Tesco, Morrison’s and ASDA. The company also supplies some leading wholesalers and own-branded products.

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