Versatile Tubular Heating Elements from Hawco

May 2008… New tubular heating elements, available from specialist controls and automation components supplier, Hawco, provide a clean and efficient heat source, which can be used for heating liquids or gases by conduction, convection or radiation.


Offering easy achievable operating temperatures of 850degC, the tubular heating elements can be supplied formed into complex shapes or supplied straight. Standard diameters are 6.4, 8.00, 9.5, 11 or 16mm.


Available in either, 110, 230 or 400V capacities, these adaptable heating elements can be supplied to almost any shape, wattage or voltage. This flexibility allows the Hawco elements to be used in a diverse range of applications including:


·          Liquids: Water, showers, glycol mixtures, oil and treated water

·          Gasses: Air or inert gas, air heaters, heater load banks, ovens and re-circulation ovens

·          Solids: Heater platens, moulds, extractors and castings


Mark Hudson, Product Support Engineer at Hawco commented: “These tubular heating elements represent the winning combination of first class quality design and affordability, which Hawco prides itself on.”

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