UK’s Vert Rotors hails portable air compressor breakthrough

Portable air compressor will allow manufacturers to deliver high levels of compressed air wherever and whenever they need it.

portable air compressor
Vert Rotors’ Nautilus compressor

The UK developer of a newly launched portable air compressor technology claims that it could help combat one of manufacturing’s most enduring health and safety problems.

Developed by Edinburgh firm Vert Rotors, the Nautilus is a lightweight, portable air compressor claimed to deliver pressure on demand that was previously only achievable using large, static compressors.

What’s more, whilst existing compressors typically operate at very high noise levels, which have been shown to cause damage to employee hearing, the Nautilus is claimed to be much quieter, and therefore safe to use in any working environment.

The key to Vert Rotors technology is an innovative conical screw compressor – a new type of gas compressor, where the inner screw works inside the outer screw, and not side-by-side.

The system produces compressed air at 300psi but generates noise levels of just 65dB(A), about the same as an air conditioner. Conventional piston compressors are not only larger, but operate at high noise levels, typically around 100dB(A), which have been shown to damage hearing and lead to other workplace conditions.

Commenting on the technology Olly Dmitriev, CEO of Vert Rotors said: “The Nautilus can be easily wheeled to the point of use and connected directly. There is no need to install air lines to transport the pressurised air, an expensive process that takes weeks to accomplish and disrupts the normal production cycles, costing the business precious time and money.

Dmitriev hopes that the technology could grab a share of a global market for industrial compressors that’s expected to reach approximately $43.54bn by 2025. “We are on the cusp of an industry-wide revolution in how we deliver compressed air,” he said.

Dmitriev told The Engineer that the first Nautilus was purchased by a telecom company from the USA, whilst the second system was  shipped earlier this month (April 2018) to a billion-Euro Austrian industrial giant.

Vert CEO Ollie Dmitriev will be telling the story behind the firm’s technology on day one of The Engineer Conference, which runs from 5th – 7th June at the NEC, Birmingham. Click here to view the full programme and register for free for the event.