VFDs for all seasons

Mitsubishi Electric Automation has introduced its F700 series of variable frequency drives (VFDs) that can control motors ranging from one to 800 horsepower.

The F700 inverter is said to feature the latest version of Mitsubishi Electric’s proprietary energy optimisation software that boosts motor efficiency to new levels and maximises energy savings.

“This new drive is suitable for virtually any general purpose application that involves a motor, whether it’s on the shop floor, air-handling unit or machine room,” said Chris Cusick, marketing manager for Mitsubishi Electric Automation.

“Available for either 200V or 400V supplies, from one to 800HP, each VFD can control up to four pump or fan motors, resulting in significantly shorter payback times and reductions in maintenance costs in energy saving,” added Cusick.

The F700 is a totally new design from Mitsubishi Electric, and features a new power module and hardware. Its NEMA 1 structure is said to allow for safe, secure installations, whether in a panel or as a stand-alone module.

Mitsubishi Electric said in a statement that ease-of-programming is also a key benefit made possible by a jog dial that provides fast access to any of its 400 parameters. The F700 also incorporates an Optimum Excitation Control system that maximises motor efficiency under all load conditions, and can track and display energy and fiscal savings in real time.