Virtual electronic engineering

Ifeyinwa Chika, a PhD student at PortsmouthUniversity, is creating a programme that will replace an entire electronics workbench with an online laboratory environment.

It allows students to construct and stimulate electronics circuits in a realistic and convincing way by logging on to any computer with an internet connection and accessing the software.

The programme will incorporate an assessment tool, which uses artificial intelligence to check and monitor students’ work. Every action the student takes on screen will be tracked, recorded and used to assess a student’s performance.

The aim of this virtual examiner is to reduce workload and help lecturers give students a fair and consistent assessment of their laboratory work.

Schlumberger sponsors the project under its ‘Faculty for the Future’ programme aimed at encouraging women into science and technology. The project also involves PhD student James Stocker and is supervised by Dr Djamel Azzi at the department of Electronic and Computer Engineering.