Vision sensor link with ethernet

A supplier of machine vision systems, has announced the launch of a range of general-purpose Ethernet linked machine vision sensors, that require no programming

Cognex, a supplier of machine vision systems, has announced the launch of a range of Ethernet linked machine vision sensors.

The In-Sight 1000 and IN-Sight 3000 are general-purpose vision sensors that require no programming, and are designed to handle a range of vision tasks including part location, measurement, identification and assembly verification.

Both sensors are equipped with a pre-installed library of Cognex vision tools and a vision spreadsheet for easy application set up. Built in Ethernet networking provides improved access to real-time vision data, streamlined system integration, and the ability to remotely manage, monitor and control vision activity.

The In-Sight 1000 combines Cognex’s vision camera, processing, software and networking technologies into a single compact unit, and can be easily integrated on the production line and networked throughout the manufacturing plant.

Machine vision can be placed at key process points rather than just at the end of the line. Defects can then be caught earlier in the manufacturing process, and equipment problems can be identified more quickly.

The Ethernet networking capabilities enable these multiple In-Sight 1000 vision sensors to be linked throughout the factory floor, turning distributed vision into a fully scalable, manageable vision are network. This enables users to set up and modify vision applications from remote sites, monitor inspection activity from any location in the plant, and share production data with management.

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