Visteon and Hyundai co-develop efficient thermal system

Visteon Corporation is working with the Hyundai America Technical Center to produce an advanced Energy Efficient Thermal System with Hyundai Motor Company.

This co-development project is expected to result in a vehicle climate control system that requires less power, which will help increase fuel economy, while helping to decrease vehicle emissions. Hyundai and VCC plan to complete the project by summer 2001.

To accomplish this, Visteon’s Climate Control Systems Group (VCC) has developed several technologies that will improve vehicle thermal insulation, will increase the ability of the vehicle to achieve and maintain better thermal comfort, and will help reduce climate control power consumption by as much as 60 to 75 percent.

VCC has replaced traditional glass windows with proprietary glazed, dual pane windows, which will insulate the car from solar energy on hot days. Additionally, enhanced body insulation also will be added to efficiently maintain the inside temperature of the vehicle and help to reduce energy losses.

The Advanced Engineering group at VCC is working with Hyundai to reduce the ‘thermal mass’ of the interior. Hyundai will provide a magnesium cross beam for the development car which will cause it to absorb less heat, thus requiring less cooling for the car. Because magnesium is lighter weight, it also results in enhanced fuel economy.

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