Visualisation technology helps whole plant design

Rebris has licensed LightWork Design’s NavisWorks 3D visualisation technology and produced AutoPlant Explorer/ID, providing piping and plant design engineers with a powerful visualisation and collaboration tool for making design reviews of large CAD plant models faster and more effective. Visualising a large project gets more difficult as all the different components are added to the one 3D model, which traditionally has meant investing in expensive design review hardware and software. AutoPlant Explorer/ID V6.0 is an inexpensive tool for collaboratively communicating the visualisation of large 3D models around the entire organisation.

The product can currently read dwg, 3ds and dxf files. The append facility allows these file formats to be imported into AutoPlant Explorer/ID and viewed as one complete model, so allowing several companies to work together. The application can run on any standard desktop PC.

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