Vitesse shows off OC-48 intelligent switch fabric

Vitesse Semiconductor has announced the availability of its GigaStream Intelligent Switch Fabric chipset. GigaStream offers an OC-48 and Gigabit Ethernet solution that addresses the needs of both the Broadband Access and Metropolitan Area Network (MAN) markets.

The GigaStream chipset supports system configurations of up to 32 OC-48 ports with a maximum of 80Gb/s of aggregate user bandwidth with up to 320Gb/s of highly available backplane bandwidth, enabling QoS support for IP, ATM, and Gigabit Ethernet protocols as well as providing dedicated resources for both unicast and multicast traffic.

GigaStream incorporates line- and switch-card fabric functionality in a true two-component chipset – the VSC872 Queuing Engine and the VSC882 Crossbar Switch. Using 0.18 micron CMOS technology, GigaStream integrates queuing, scheduling, a synchronous crossbar, and multiple 2.64Gb/s serial backplane transceivers.

GigaStream offers an array of redundancy options ranging from N+1 up to N+N configurations, allowing customers to choose an implementation that will meet their fault tolerance requirements.

The GigaStream chipset is sampling now. The VSC872 Queuing Engine is offered in a 440 BGA package and is priced at $227 in 1K quantities. The VSC882 Crossbar Switch is offered in a 304 BGA package and is priced at $145 in 1K quantities.