VME memory in a flash

Dy 4 Systems has recently released the SVME/DMV-570, a flash non-volatile mass memory module. The SVME/DMV-570 is specifically designed for harsh and rugged applications where large amounts of non-volatile, mass memory are required to store extensive databases such as theatre area maps or video/satellite imagery.

The SVME/DMV-570 provides solid-state non-volatile memory without the need for shock and vibration isolators and environmental enclosures normally required for media mass storage devices. The bit error rate of less than 10-30 and the standard SCSI drivers allow the SVME/DMV-570 to be embedded directly in a VME chassis.

Other features of the SVME/DMV-570 include 28 Mbytes to 5.12 Gbytes of non-volatile flash memory in a single VMEbus slot, sustained read/write transfer rates of 10 Mbyte/sec, less than 1 ms random access time, fast erase – 2 sec/Gbyte, host-transparent wear-levelling, Built-In Test (BIT), 3 W to 12 W max power dissipation (depending on capacity), and 10 year data integrity. A power hold up to ensure that all data in the cache is stored into the flash memory without being lost or corrupted is optional.

The SVME/DMV-570 supports multiple boards per system for modular memory expansion and uses standard ANSI SCSI-2 and SCSI-1 protocols. No special drivers are required, as the module uses existing VxWorks SCSI drivers.

The SVME/DMV-570 is offered in both air-cooled and conduction-cooled versions for harsh and rugged applications.

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