VME-to-PCI/X Bus Bridge

Tundra Semiconductor has revealed details of a new VME-to-PCI/X Bus Bridge chip that implements the fast 2eSST protocol.

The Tsi148 bridges PCI or PCI-X on a local bus to the VMEbus. It eliminates performance bottlenecks by operating as a peer with other devices on the local bus. This can reduce the total number of bridges that VMEbus product vendors and end-users require for bandwidth management on the host card.

The 2eSST protocol allows streaming transactions and is capable of achieving backplane bandwidth up to 320 Mbyte/sec, an 8-fold increase over the conventional VME bus.

On the system interface side, the Tsi148 operates in master or slave mode for traditional VME, 2eVME and 2eSST transactions.

General availability of the device is scheduled for mid-summer 2004.