Vodafone navigation software goes open source

Vodafone is to make its Wayfinder navigation software for mobile phones open source, with the aim of allowing other organisations the opportunity to use the code base to build new products.

The Wayfinder software, previously distributed by Wayfinder Systems − which was acquired by Vodafone last year − is a client-server-based system that can be used for navigation.

The server has a distributed architecture and runs on the Linux CentOS operating system. Several clients for Symbian S60, iPhone and Android are available.

’Given our decision to stop developing location-based services as part of our core business, it seemed an obvious choice to make the code we own open source,’ said Pieter Knook, director of Internet Services at Vodafone.

In addition to making the software open source and in recognition of the specific needs of the blind and partially sighted community, Wayfinder Systems will offer all current Wayfinder Access subscribers a fixed refund on their existing service.

Full details of this will be made available in September on Vodafone’s website.