VR software improves plant maintenance

Integrated maintenance and design software has been introduced by Cadmatic. Maintenance functions interface to the company’s virtual reality system used in process plant design. This interface facilitates maintenance planning, and helps plant operators save overall costs throughout the entire lifecycle of the plant, from design and construction, to operation and maintenance.

The interface also allows the plant maintenance system to be viewed in a virtual 3D plant environment. A user sitting at a monitor can ‘walk’ through the different sections of a plant and access maintenance data by clicking objects with a mouse. Technical data relevant to an object, such as a machine or equipment, is shown, including service history, spare parts and their location, and documents such as service manuals and drawings. This has the key advantage that the user is not required to remember any equipment codes or labels.

Cadmatic 3D software is designed to run on standard personal computers both under Windows NT and Unix operating systems.

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