VT Shipbuilding takes a bow

VT Shipbuilding has delivered the fourth of six bow sections for the Royal Navy’s new Daring Class destroyers to BAE Systems Surface Fleet Solutions’ Govan shipyard in Glasgow.

The 50m section, weighing around 1,100 tonnes, was transported by barge from VT’s shipbuilding facilities in Portsmouth Naval Base and towed to Glasgow over four days.

The bow will be incorporated into the rest of the body of HMS Dragon, which BAE Systems is building. Delivery of the funnel and masts, which VT is building, will follow later this year.

VT is contracted to supply six ship sets of bows, funnels and masts. Four bows have already been delivered, and the remaining two are under construction for delivery in 2008. All deliveries are on or ahead of schedule.

VT Type 45 project director John Richardson said: ‘We have made significant improvements in productivity over the course of the programme and, in several cases, exceeded our targets. It has been an impressive demonstration of the capability of the facilities and the team working on the project.

‘Our progress means that we will complete our Type 45 work ready for us to concentrate on export orders and the forthcoming aircraft carrier (CVF) project.’