W4000 Series – Part of a New Generation of Relays

Wieland Electric has announced the launch of additional products utilising integrated timer functions within its 4000 Series of Universal Safety Relays. Wieland’s new generation of relays now offers a device to suit a wide variety of applications and prov

The 4000 series provides superior technical performance within a compact design with flexible connection all at a very competitive price. The 4000 Series Basic Device is equipped with safe integrated logic for monitoring safety functions, and can be used in many applications, including emergency stop monitoring, protective door monitoring and elevator systems. The Basic Device with Time Function is ideal for use in areas such as controlled shutdown, monitoring of blocking facilities and safe time relay.  Features also include: time function off-delay with triggering and without retriggering, 1 or 2 channel activation, automatic start and monitored or unmonitored manual start. 

The Contact Expansion Relay can be installed for areas such as emergency stop monitoring and protective door monitor and has been designed for use with safe basic relays, with or without timer function.

The wide range of products in the 4000 Series are offered in either a slim line uniform package of 22.5mm for use where space is at a premium or 45mm wide. Depending on the application and device chosen, the 4000 Series can be used up to category 4 (EN954-1), performance level PLe (EN ISO 13849-1) or SIL3 (EN62061).

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