Wafer thin display

The Gyricon SyncroSign Message Board is a portable, battery-operated, electronic sign that can display content across a Wi-Fi network.

The display is based on ‘SmartPaper’ – a thin, flexible medium weighing only a few ounces that was developed at the Palo Alto Research Center (PARC). It is fabricated from millions of tiny bi-chromal wax beads encased in a flexible sheet of elastomer.

A key feature of the sign is that it requires no power to display an image. Power is needed only when the sign content changes, enabling a long battery life. Messages and sign content can be updated wirelessly to the display using Gyricon’s ‘SignSync’ software.

The primary application of the Message Board is as an information display for use in hotels, convention centres, banks, and corporate lobbies.

The SyncroSign display costs $1,295.

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