Walter King – Head, Science & Technologies, Consumables, Life Sciences – GE Healthcare

What are the highest priority areas for government spending to enhance the UK’s capability in your sector, and in technology in general? 

 NHS funding to allow for collaborations with healthcare and device providers to assess new technologies for monitoring human health .

What are the biggest opportunities for growth in your sector, in the short and medium terms? 

The big growth area for us is Molecular Diagnostics in constitutional genetics, pre-natal genetics and infectious diseases. Also there are big opportunities in healthcare workflow efficiencies.

What is the best way to approach technological goals in the long term (ie, with results more than five years off)? Can and should government play a role here? 

 It would be useful to set up a Healthcare technology council that has industry representation along with clinical and academic members to identify and assess the gaps and needs of the healthcare system in the UK.