Water innovation facility to open

An engineer who developed a storm drainage system to cut the threat of flooding is setting up a production facility to manufacture further innovative products.

Damone Armstrong established H20 Group in 2006 to develop the StormPod system, which works by storing excess rainwater that cannot initially be handled by existing drains, keeping it underground until it can be slowly released, preventing major surface flooding.

The system acts as the pivotal point in underground drainage networks, which are used to control the huge volumes of water that are generated during downpours.

H2O is about to open a new production facility in Rivergreen Industrial Estate Sunderland to manufacture a range of new products. This includes their Modulus Sewage Treatment Systems for small housing and industrial developments not connected to mainline drainage, and R2D, a rainwater harvesting system, which will allow homeowners to use rainwater within the home, saving on water bills and in turn helping the environment.

H2O received support from Business Link and RDA One NorthEast to develop these innovative products. One NorthEast awarded a £20,000 Research and Development Micro Project Grant to develop StormPod.