Water-Repellent Air Filters for Offshore and Coastal Applications.

The three water-repellent air filters introduced by the Power and Industrial Division of AAF Ltd., for gas turbine powered offshore and coastal applications. Clockwise from the top: AAF HydroVee, AAF HydroCel and AAF HydroPleat air filters.

Water-Repellent Air Filters Introduced for Gas Turbine Powered Offshore and Coastal Applications.

One of the world’s leading air filter manufacturers has introduced a range of products with unique water repellent media, making them highly suitable for use in gas turbine powered offshore and coastal generation installations.

Based near Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, the Power and Industrial Division of AAF has now developed the Hydro range, three air filter products in standard sizes specifically designed to improve gas turbine compressor cleanliness by reducing the ingress of water, oil and salt, in coastal power generation sites, offshore oil/gas platforms and in-land gas compressor stations.

The range consists of the HydroCel, HydroVee and HydroPleat high efficiency, high capacity air filters, each one employing different materials and media configurations in order to match the operators’ requirements and the characteristics of these demanding environments.

Water Repellent …..

Developed at its own on-site research facilities, HydroCel employs proven HEPA grade technology to provide high quality air, through a filter media that has been successfully repelling sea water, oil and hydrocarbons in offshore environments for over five years. Fouling and erosion of the gas turbine blades has been reduced to such an extent that engine washes need not be performed until a running time of 8000 plus hours has been passed.

Employing similar technology, the HydroVee and HydroPleat products are derived from the company’s experience with the HydroCel. The two lighter weight units provide operators in less hostile coastal power generation plants and in-land gas pumping stations, with the choice of deep-pleat or mini-pleat media construction. Both arrangements, which have vertical pleating to promote water coalescing and drainage, have ‘green credentials’ in that they are both fully incinerable products.

Water Repellent …..

Like all ‘barrier’ filters employing HEPA grade technology, this range requires AAF pre-filtration pads to maintain their high efficiency and high ‘dust’ holding capacity.

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