Way2Call show way to go

Way2call Communications Ltd are set to launch the new Hi-Phone Stylus, a device that links analogue telephones (including cordless phones) to a PC.

The Hi-Phone Stylus, to be launched at Communications Solution Expo in Washington DC (May 23-25, 2001), links any existing analogue telephone (including cordless phones) to a PC enabling telephone calls and memos to be recorded on a PC’s hard drive.

Advanced compression allows 1 GB of hard disk space to store up to 290 recording hours. Recorded calls are said to be simple to retrieve, can be played back on PC speakers or a telephone handset, and can be sent as email files.

‘Being the first complete out-of-the-box solution we have offered, The Hi-Phone Stylus marks an important milestone in our strategy,’ said Tom Curran, VP of Marketing and Sales. ‘Like the rest of our products, it is price competitive, and is offered to distributors, OEMs, system integrators, and others.’

The Hi-Phone Stylus comes with Caller ID and call progress analysis for incoming and outgoing calls.

A user-friendly interface reportedly provides total control over features and functions such as automatic, manual or backward recording, audio compression and AGC levels (Automatic Gain Control).

As required by law in some regions, custom recordable OGMs (Out Going Messages) and warning-tones can be activated to notify the other party that the call is being recorded.