We know about Google, but what’s PLM?

Research carried out by the Business Advantage Group clearly demonstrates that in the search for product information, it is the path of least resistance that triumphs.

The survey covered 190 engineering managers who use the web to search for product information. Three quarters of these people use a general search engine (Google was the most popular), while only one in ten said they used one of the much vaunted industry portals.

Given the obvious popularity of general search engines, the report suggests that suppliers could benefit by actively attempting to improve their rankings. An interesting article on how to improve your web ranking can be found<a href=’http://www.thesitewizard.com/archive/google.shtml’>here.</a>

(Obviously, this tip will be no use to the 11% of UK CAD/CAM resellers that don’t have a website – the shock finding of a previous report.)

In a separate survey, it was discovered that only one in twenty CAD/CAM managers working in the mechanical engineering sector know what the abbreviation ‘PLM’ stands for.

Commenting, Chris Turner, MD of the Business Advantage Group, said, ‘The term ‘PLM’ is relatively new to CAD/CAM managers and, to be fair, only a small proportion of our sample is the type of large corporation that these solutions are currently being targeted at. However, we were expecting higher levels of awareness of the term’s existence given the degree of coverage it has had recently.’