Web viewer service launched

The Honeywell Web Viewer Service can convert TPS Global User Station (GUS) displays into dynamic Web images that become populated with process data from Honeywell’s Uniformance Management System. Uniformance interfaces with GUS graphics in a dynamic Web environment and allows the process to be viewed using historical or real-time data. Acting as a plant data historian, it also enables the replay of incidents through accelerated playback.

Both standard and custom-built GUS graphic displays are converted into a collection of Web files that are loaded onto a plant’s Web server, then viewed as a single Web document using a standard Microsoft Internet browser.

Viewing operator displays in a Web environment provides both cost savings and flexibility. Plant process data can be monitored in view-only mode and events may be played back from any PC connected to the Intranet or Internet (within the secure corporate firewalls), removing control room viewing restrictions. Additionally, company-wide diagnostic teams can have a simultaneous view of the plant, which eliminates or reduces travel costs.

Honeywell’s technical professionals are also available to provide network and Internet server support services, including installation of Microsoft Internet Information Server, uploading and testing of Web graphics, installation of Uniformance, and setup and verification of the Uniformance database and tag configurations.

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