Webphones spread across the UK

Marconi has formed a partnership with BT to roll out new interactive public terminals or ‘web phones’ across the UK.

The agreement, under which Marconi and BT will share the associated investment and reward, is expected to net Marconi £100 million in revenues over eight years. Marconi’s net cash outflow is not expected to exceed £15 million.

28,000 terminals will be installed, claimed by the companies to be the largest ever roll-out of new generation web phones in the world.

Marconi terminals will be installed throughout the UK at existing and newly created BT sites, offering members of the public access to the internet, e-mail and short messaging services (SMS), as well as traditional telephony services.

The design of the new phones allows installation in the same booths as existing payphones using the same communications links. Payment can be made using both credit cards and coins.

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