WEEE option tool

Chester-based C-Tech Innovation has developed an analytical software tool that enables economic assessments and comparisons of end-of-life options for Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE).

The software analyses the breakdown of an electronic or electrical product into component parts, which range from individual PCBs to complete mobile phones, washing machines or televisions. The breakdown at end-of-life allows for economic cost comparisons with regard to re-use, repair, recycling and waste management options.

The tool, based on a waste hierarchy approach, analyses all types of waste electronic and electrical systems and equipment.

In the software programme each option carries a positive or negative economic weighting. It then enables different scenarios for a particular product with the overall weighting score being positive or negative. Designers can then use the software to decide how to re-design a product for end-of-life recycling.

C-Tech project manager Stuart Dalrymple said: ‘Two years ago, we carried out a DEFRA-funded project that looked at the economic analysis of end-of-life waste electronic and electrical equipment and how we could make the analyses faster and easier to perform.’

He added: ‘The software grew out of this project.’

In recognition for the innovative approach taken by the company it has received a Rushlight Waste Collection Award, for significant achievements in the waste industry to lessen impact on the environment.