This week’s poll: Brexit referendum revisited

How would Engineer readers vote if last year’s EU referendum were repeated now?

The UK’s status within Europe remains one of the most divisive and controversial issues in history. The country voted to leave the European Union in last year’s referendum by a narrow margin, and we are still in negotiation of the terms of the Exit. National opinion polls tell us the proportions of the population in favour and against leaving have changed little since last June, but we are curious as to whether our readers’ opinions have proved equally unchanging.

In our poll just before the vote, readers were narrowly in favour of remaining within the EU (52 percent for Remain, and slightly below 48 per cent for Leave, because of a small number of don’t knows). So in our poll this week, we would like to know which way you voted and whether you have changed your mind. The four options above reflect these questions.

As always, we encourage debate in our comment section. However, we are conscious that this remains a highly charged issue with strong opinions on both sides. Any comments that we deem unconstructive will be deleted. Please keep debate civil. We will publish the results of this poll on 12 December.