WEG motors for Madrid

Redditch-based WEG is to supply 900 motors for use with fans in the Calle 30 construction project in Madrid, one of the largest underground projects in the world.

The Calle 30 project will upgrade Madrid’s M-30 ring road to improve traffic flow and open up new areas of the suburbs on a major route.

Part of the Calle 30 work is to relocate underground a 6.5km section of the motorway which currently cuts off access to the river Manzanares from the city. This will involve digging seven tunnels under the rover, freeing up; and wither side for parkland and pedestrian access.

WEG’s contribution is to supply 900 smoke extraction motors to Spanish tunnelling ventilation manufacturer Zitron for use in the unlikely event of a fire. The motors are in two ranges, with power ranges between 15kW and 600kW and are rated for operation at 400oC for two hours and 200oC for two hours.

The motors were tested in extreme heat conditions at San Pedro de Anes’ Asturias laboratory .