Wellman Robey have the ultimate “cure”….

Annual maintenance and strip downs happen every year and planning is the key, working out when you can fit in that all-important service, is a vital part of maintaining a healthy boiler house, but can you really afford to have the downtime?

Novartis vaccines and diagnostic plant at Speke in Liverpool relies heavily on its three boiler houses, accommodating various sizes and makes of boiler. When your prime business is manufacturing vaccines to prevent and cure diseases, ease suffering and enhance quality of life, you need steam, you need quality steam, and you need it running. So how do you plan for that all essential maintenance?

Novartis vaccines have recently signed up to a term service agreement with Wellman Robey of Oldbury West Midlands. Each contract is specifically tailored to each boiler’s need and can vary between three, six, or twelve monthly checks, annual overhauls and refurbishments. The service contracts are specifically designed to take away the worry of any boiler house related maintenance, routine or emergency, with our one-stop boiler shop solutions.

A Wellman Robey trailerised boiler has been bought in to provide a back up for one of the existing boiler houses on site. The hire plant, which will be operational between May and December of this year, consists of a 3,000-kg.hr steam boiler with a maximum operating pressure of 10-bar g. The unit is a complete trailerised boiler house, fitted with light oil and water tanks, and all the ancillary equipment you would associate with a bricks and mortar boiler house. It has been selected from a portfolio of hire units, which cover steam and hot water applications for planned or emergency maintenance and vary in size from 1.5t to 11t, in a range of formats from complete boiler houses to containers.

So what is the benefit to having a comprehensive service contact with a company you can trust ?…..

Tony Flynn Operations Engineer for Novartis Liverpool states;

“Novartis has major R & D sites and production facilities in eleven countries worldwide. Steam is a vital ingredient in the production of vaccines here at Speke and as such, we need a constant supply of steam and a company who can take the pressure off when its time for our annuals. With the backup provided from Wellman Robey, I’m happy we can ensure all our boilers have vital services and our steam plant supply is not affected.”

So in essence, the benefit is to assist maximum uptime of a production facility, whilst ensuring the heart and soul of the plant is not only fit for purpose, but safe, efficient and reliable.

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