Wellman’s boilers suit RAF

The RAF has awarded Wellman Robey a contract to supply nine of its Ygnette hot water boilers for a UK base

The RAF has awarded Wolverhamptom-based Wellman Robey a contract to supply nine of its Ygnette hot water boilers for a UK base, replacing existing Wellman boilers installed in 1977.

The company will supply three 2500kW LPHW (low pressure hot water) boilers and six 800kW LPHW boilers, all fitted with dual fuel modulating burners supplied by the Wellman-owned burner company, GP Burners.

According to Wellman, its Ygnette boiler offers high performance with all fuel types and a large furnace designed for effective and efficient combustion. The combustion products are reversed within the furnace to pass through convection tubes and discharged through a rear outlet box into a chimney. The benefit of this design is that it provides near complete combustion with maximum fuel use, high operational efficiencies and low running costs.

The boilers incorporate modulating burner controls which improve the boiler operation by monitoring the water flow temperature to produce a continuous control signal that determines the fuel input. Reductions in water temperatures lead to an increase in firing rate and vice versa, to optimise efficiency.

Mike Winnall of Wellman Robey said: ‘We are delighted to be awarded the order for the replacement boilers by the RAF and we are confident that the Ygnette range of boilers fitted with modulating burners will offer the client maximum energy savings and a system to serve them well for the next 30 years and beyond’.