Westinghouse signs NIS-PAR deal with SNT subsidiaries

Westinghouse Electric Company has signed an agreement with Siempelkamp Nukleartechnik (SNT) subsidiaries Siempelkamp Nuclear Services and NIS Ingenieurgesellschaft to jointly market and provide passive autocatalytic recombiner (NIS-PAR) technology and analysis to the nuclear industry in the US and international markets.

The NIS-PAR technology utilises hydrogen recombination to prevent the build-up of hydrogen gas or other flammable gases such as carbon monoxide that can collect and create an explosive atmosphere.

Westinghouse will design and analyse the hydrogen control system using codes such as MAAP and MELCOR to predict the generation and transport of hydrogen for severe-accident scenarios and the number of NIS-PARs needed to preclude hydrogen detonation.

Under terms of the agreement, Siempelkamp will provide joint marketing support, the NIS-PAR devices, test and cleaning devices and supports for mounting the devices.