Westinghouse wins $11.8 million contract

Westinghouse has been awarded an $11.8 million contract by Electrabel to replace two steam generators in operation at Unit 2 of the Doel nuclear power plant in Belgium.

Doel Unit 2 is a Westinghouse designed two-loop pressurised water reactor (PWR) located on the river Scheldt near Antwerp, commissioned in 1975 and operated by Electrabel.

Under the contract, Westinghouse will perform the reactor coolant system works, steam generator lifting and handling and the opening and closing of the primary steel containment. It includes also the installation and removal of a temporary personnel hatch and platforms inside the primary containment.

‘We’re bringing an innovative technical approach to the Doel Unit 2 steam generator replacement,’ said Roger Schene, managing director of Westinghouse Electric Europe.

‘Our technical approach permits parallel undertaking of both the inner and outer containments, creates a safer work environment, keeps the polar crane available for other tasks during containment work, and results in a significant time saving of the SG replacement outage critical path.’