Westinghouse wins two fuel-related contracts in China

Westinghouse has recently signed contracts to provide materials and engineering services to the Shanghai Gaotai Rare and Precious Metals Company and the Shanghai Nuclear Engineering Research and Design Institute.

Westinghouse Electric Company signed two significant and first-of-a-kind nuclear fuel-related contracts with companies in China.

The first contract calls for Westinghouse to provide engineering services and 10 metric tons of zirconium-alloy TREX to Shanghai Gaotai Rare and Precious Metals Company Ltd for use in production of fuel cladding for the growing Chinese nuclear fuel market. The contract provides the material necessary for the first Chinese manufacturing of tubing for the newly started Qinshan-III nuclear power plant.

The second contract encompasses a technology and a five-year engineering co-operation agreement for core design and related fields with the Shanghai Nuclear Engineering Research and Design Institute (SNERDI).

This international agreement will enable future co-operation between Westinghouse and SNERDI in the upcoming planned expansion of nuclear power generation in China.

Mike Saunders, senior vice president of Westinghouse Nuclear Fuel, said the contracts further solidify the strong relationships Westinghouse has built within the Chinese nuclear infrastructure.

‘China is a growing nuclear market, and Westinghouse is committed to serving that market in a manner that beneficially places our Chinese customers first,’ he said.

‘Westinghouse is providing specialised material supply, technology transfer and joint technical co-operation to assure that the Chinese have access to the most experienced and widest range of products, technology and services.

‘Through these agreements, Westinghouse will expand its participation in a growing nuclear market and we will work with the best and brightest engineers and technologists within the Chinese nuclear industry.’