What if you improve design

Aimed at the entire engineering team, rather than just analysts, DesignSpace Enterprise is the latest tool from ANSYS designed to improve quality, speed and communication throughout the product development process. It enables users to integrate their CAD data with the ANSYS’ design analysis and optimisation applications.

The package reads directly from the most popular CAD programs, or via proprietary solid modelling standards such as Acis or Parasolids.

Containing three main modules (Shape Wizard, Report and Expert), DesignSpace Enterprise provides important information including: safety factors, stresses, deformation, frequencies, temperature distributions and heat flow. It helps to guide the design process by providing up-front insight into how the part in question performs. CAE technologies are used to simulate bolt loads and pin support conditions, and provide automatic adaptive solutions.

Creativity is encouraged by allowing direct comparison of `what if?’ scenarios. By evaluating these scenarios, the user can explore superior design options earlier in the process and arrive at a desired design in a shorter time scale.

The Shape Wizard module provides tools to actually predict the optimal shape of a part based on desired performance requirements. Report is a patent pending, natural language engineering report publisher providing documents in HTML format including JPG pictures and VRML virtual reality. While Expert enables analysts to customise templates for generating ANSYS input files based on the information from DesignSpace.

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