What is Earth 2000

Earth 2000 is projected to be one of the world’s biggest global media events. This epic multi million pound project unites a huge worldwide media network and is expected to break the world record for the ‘most seen’ television event, a position currently held by Bob Geldof’s ‘Live Aid’.

Earth 2000, the Millennium Event, will mark this important time in history by combining extreme global entertainment and adventure with extreme benefit for the millennium’s most threatened animals and habitats.

Surprisingly, Earth 2000 is the first world-wide media event ever set up to benefit world conservation.

The object is simple. Earth 2000 will provide a highly entertaining look at the state of the world at the Millennium.

But this is no government conference. It is cutting edge television. It encompasses the world’s favourite and most powerful media themes; ‘blockbuster film’ action, a compelling human story, and ‘moving’ images of the natural world, to present an upbeat summary of ‘where are we now’ and what will happen if we don’t change’. Surely no other millennium event could possibly be more relevant, or indeed any more important.

Operating around the world, Earth 2000 participants include; world powers from corporations to presidents, business figures from Sir Michael Edwardes to Donald Trump, companies from Ford to Sony, and television personalities to rock stars.

Earth 2000, it is hoped, will change the way that people view their planet, by presenting the most exciting elements of conservation in a completely new way to countless millions of viewers around the world. In addition to the massive television events, the satellite-linked multi-location rock concerts, international roadshows, and globally syndicated press features, there will be ‘the world’s biggest Internet event’, uniting more young people for one cause than has ever been done n history.

Three major books will also record the historical event.