What lurks beneath

Satellite images provided by ESA will be displayed on on-board screens on selected Air France flights.

If you have ever wished that you could clearly see the mountains, coastline, desert, ocean or city underneath your aircraft as you flew over them, then your wish is about to come true. At least, it will if you are a passenger onboard Air France flights!

It’s all thanks to satellite images provided by ESA which have been integrated into an in-flight Geovision programme, which will display images on on-board displays correlating to the route of all Air France flights between Paris and Singapore, Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore.

In order to provide the most interesting images of each destination, ESA selected 250 images from various satellites, including ESA’s Envisat and Proba, Korea’s Kompsat and CNES’s (French Space Agency) Spot.

‘The imagery has been specifically chosen to afford passengers the possibility to tour the planet from a bird’s-eye view and to gain a different perspective and appreciation of the Earth by witnessing its splendour as well as its vulnerable spots,’ said ESA’s Head of Communications Fernando Doblas.