What noise?

Hyperlast believes it has come up with a solution to the many and varied vibration and noise problems with Dynathane, a new microcellular elastomer.

Dynathane is said to offer superb wear resistance for components in contact with moving hydraulic parts whilst providing vibration isolation and damping characteristics.

Hyperlast says that tests on Dynathane showed it to perform well under large and small loads and that it can provide excellent performance in anti-impact systems.

The material is said to work by absorbing kinetic energy generated by machines in a non-linear manner by stopping an object moving, reducing shock and dissipating kinetic energy.

Dynathane is available in a range of densities from 300 Kg/m3 to 650 Kg/m3 and can be customised for a particular application.

Hyperlast also claims that Dynathane offers impressive mechanical properties such as load deflection performance under dynamic deformation whilst its chemical composition offers good hydrolysis resistance and thermal stability.


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