What’s on the web?

This month we bring you a selection of web sites for your amusement and edification


This new site from specialist distributor Electrospeed gives users access to an on-line catalogue of 20,000 products including connectors, power supplies and racks. The portfolio can be searched by multiple keywords or manufacturer’s part number, and on-line purchasing is an additional option. The same database is also available on CD-ROM.


Richard Noble’s latest project to design the F1 – an air taxi for business travel – can be followed step by step on the web. Keep updated on the build and development of the aircraft on a web site which promises to tell the story truthfully as it happens. The site also contains a very interesting guide on the theory of flight and principles of aircraft design.


This site from equipment cooling fan specialist Papst offers guidance on whether to choose a standard or customised solution from a range of AC and DC fans and accessories. As well as providing product specifications on over 2500 fan options, the site also illustrates how the company has provided tailored cooling solutions for applications in communications, motor drives systems and supermarket cooling cabinets.


Already receiving more business visits a month than the Telegraph’s web site, The Biz is a business directory which claims to be one of the largest and most informative databases of its kind in the UK. The Main Directory contains both on and off-line company listings while the site’s Office Portal contains companies and information that are fully on-line. The site also includes a bulletin board where users can post enquiries to source business information or products.


This excellent site from Wixroyd contains information on over 700 engineering parts including full technical line drawings and detailed dimensional references. These drawings can be downloaded for AutoCAD, Iges and DXF files. Wixroyd has also provided `technical notes’ and `helpful tips’ to make your search easier, and the company is also giving away a copy of its CD-ROM to everyone who registers.


Fast US patent information, courtesy of IBM, at the touch of a button – if you know the patent number that is. If not, don’t worry, the word search should help you find what you’re looking for. And if you fancy a bit of light relief, follow the link to `wacky patent of the month’ and find out about anything from the self-waiting table to the shoe air-conditioner.

Unfortunately, there appears to be no free UK equivalent to this site, which is a shame. If anyone out there knows any different, then please let us know!