Wheel bearings crucial to speed record attempt

A new jet car has been commissioned for a televised speed record `shootout’

In preparation for a televised head-to-head speed record `shootout’ later this year, drag racing and speed record breaking team, PrimeTime JetPower, has commissioned a state of the art jet car.

The team’s plan is to race the new car with its existing design, and the hope is that after the duel, one of the team partners, Colin Fallows or Mark Newby, will walk away as the new holder of the Outright British Land Speed Record.

Wheel bearings in particular are crucial, and NSK-RHP bearings are used exclusively on both cars. With a drag racing career between them spanning nearly 50 years, the PrimeTime pair claim to have tried every brand on the market.

When speeds at airshow performances began to regularly exceed 350mph the team insisted on a single brand of wheel bearings, and these were chosen after detailed analysis of wear rates, replacement schedules and vehicle handling. `We design, maintain and operate our jet cars to aerospace standards, and keep accurate records of everything we do on the cars,’ says Fallows. `When we looked at wheel bearings, our findings revealed a substantial performance gap between NSK-RHP and the others we’d tried over the years.’

Newby observed: `Recent television coverage of other land speed record attempts appeared to reveal problems with wheel bearings. However, we don’t anticipate anything similar, and as experienced drivers, we know how to avoid placing excessive lateral loads on the cars.’

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