Wheel wobble went west

A wheel bearing that keeps the vehicle’s wheels rotating freely but without any unwanted play or wobble.

Front wheels of a car are normally mounted on a spindle which also supports the wheel bearing. The wheel is supported by an inner and outer wheel bearing which allows the wheel to rotate freely. When the bearing is installed or replaced, the wheel locking nut must be tightened so that the wheel can rotate freely but without any wobble or play. It is very difficult to know when the bearing adjustment is exactly right.

To make it easy to establish the ideal tightness, New Jersey based Coates Technologies has developed a patented bearing called the infinitely self adjusting wheel bearing. The company aims to product a wheel bearing that self adjusts the pressure on the outer bearing while the vehicle is going along and to provide a wheel bearing assembly that ensures the proper positioning of the wheel bearings during assembly.

All that is needed to eliminate repair or readjustment as the bearing wear are four additional components. They are two non-rotating washers, a threaded self-adjusting nut and a spring.

The self adjusting assembly applies selective pressure on the outer wheel bearing to maintain its position by way of the threaded self-adjusting nut mounted on the axle, a fixed washer located on the axle, and a biasing element positioned between the threaded self-adjusting nut and fixed washer. Once the outer locking nut is secured to the axle the biasing element engages the self-adjusting nut and the fixed washer to provide inward pressure on the outer wheel bearing.

The self-adjusting nut has a planer annular base with a number of apertures around its circumference. The coil spring is positioned over the self-adjusting nut extension and its end engaged in an aperture around the nut’s circumference. The other end of the spring engages in one of the holes arranged around the circumference of the outer fixed washer.

Tension created by the biasing of the spring between the self-adjusting nut and fixed washer provides an inward pressure on the nut; this puts pressure on the outer wheel bearing so it maintains its position with respect to the vehicle wheel. The pressure placed on the outer wheel bearing varies with wheel size and from vehicle to vehicle.

In another version of the assembly, the coils in the spring are arranged concentrically within each other; here, the holes in the fixed washer and the self-adjusting nut are replace with slots.

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