When it’s cleaning windows

Modern skyscrapers with their glass and gleaming facades are a heady proposition for a man with a bucket and a sponge, and to this end, scientists at the Fraunhofer Institute for Factory Operation and Automation IFF together with Dornier Technologie have

A number of years ago, the IFF developed a fully automatic cleaning system for the arched glass roof of the Leipzig trade-fair complex. Now, the same roboticists have worked with cleaning-technology experts at Dornier Technologie to develop a robot that’s capable of automatically cleaning vertical surfaces.

SIRIUSc can be used on many kinds of facade. Moving over the surface using vacuum suckers to maintain a grip, its locomotive kinematics enable it to traverse obstacles like lintels, ventilation grids or sun-blinds, and to work even in high winds.

Equipped with a cleaning system from Dornier Technologie which constantly recycles the process water, the robot can clean up to 120 square meters of facade surface per hour, at very low operating costs.