When SONET met Ethernet

ANDA Networks has introduced EtherTone, a new family of customer premise and central office equipment that enables carriers to offer Ethernet-based services over existing SONET network infrastructures or dark fibre.

ANDA’s EtherEdge 4000 is the first available EtherTone product, providing EtherTone to multi-tenant units with the ability to terminate up to 24 subscriber lines. The 4000 product can also sit in a central office and aggregate traffic from remote EtherTone devices via Ethernet over DS3s.

It provides a variety of subscriber interface options including 100BaseTX, 100BaseFX, and Ethernet over VDSL, and this traffic can be mapped to a variety of network interfaces including DS3, OC3, OC12 using ITU X.86 and GFP, or Gigabit Ethernet. At the service layer, end users can use virtual LANs (VLANs) and QoS to ensure security and priority for applications, and carriers can manage services to ensure compliance with service level agreements.

The company’s EtherReach 2000 series are devices similar in feature set to the EtherEdge 4000, but optimized for a single user, while its EtherEdge 3000 series of products provide Ethernet and TDM services platforms for international markets.

In addition, the company has announced EtherSLAM, a central office platform that builds on the functionality of the EtherEdge 4000 family by adding support for Ethernet-based DSL.

Lastly, ANDA Networks’ EtherView is an element management system that supports the entire EtherTone family.

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