When work wont go away

The world of work continues to be devolved. No longer must you be ‘attached’ to your desk. A new CAD viewer is both wireless and pocket-size

For those who find they can never get away from their desk, things are only going to get worse. ParallelGraphics has released the latest version of its Pocket Cortona, a wireless 3D viewer that offers users a mobile CAD solution.

‘It turns any pocket PC device into a tool that can be used to share mechanical designs in 3D with others, no matter where you happen to be, without having to lug around a 10 pound laptop,’ said Peter Sheerin, technical editor of Cadence magazine, after Cortona’s launch in the US.

Pocket Cortona can be used for CAD and data visualisation, virtual field manuals, online entertainment and a range of e-commerce applications. It also supports automation interface so developers can now start writing 3D applications for pocket devices.

‘Using ParallelGraphics’ Internet Model Optomiser, which optimises complex CAD files, and Internet Scene Assembler, which adds a range of interactions and animations to models, it is now possible to create dynamic and interactive 3D CAD visualisations for communicating design issues on the move,’ said Gavin Divilly of ParallelGraphics.

Users can browse 3D VRML scenes and VRML content delivered from the internet to their wireless devices and set top boxes running Windows OS CE 3.0. Cortona will run on pocket PCs powered by Intel ARM, MIPS, SH-3 processors.

There are two parts of the Cortona window: the 3D window, which shows VRML world, and pop-up menus. There are three main navigation modes that Cortona offers: WALK, FLY and STUDY. You can switch the navigation mode by choosing the navigation command from the Navigation menu.

Recently demonstrated at the Solid Modelling show in Birmingham, Pocket Cortona is, according to Connell Gallagher, president of ParallelGraphics, ‘key to the exciting development of 3D on wireless devices. The positive feedback we received from our PC-based version prompted us to develop Cortona for the PDA market.’

ParallelGraphics assured Design Engineering that it has customers for Pocket Cortona but said it is too early to ‘talk about them as we are awaiting authority from their side.’

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