White light

Lumileds Lighting has developed a 5W LED-based light source that provides an output of up to 120 lumens from a single white emitter package.

This addition to the company’s Luxeon family of white and colour light sources delivers four times the luminous flux previously available from a single LED and up to 60 times the output of competitive devices, according to the company.

A white Luxeon 5W produces an intensity of 120 lumens in the same footprint occupied by a 20 lumen white Luxeon 1W. To date, high flux LEDs from other vendors have been capable of producing only 1 to 5 lumens in white.

While conventional LEDs lose 30% of their brightness after just 3,000 hours, and 60% after 9,000 hours because of the yellowing effects of the epoxy used in their lensing systems, Luxeon LEDs retain 90+% of their light output after 9,000 hours and an expected 70% through 50,000 hours due to a special non-epoxy technique used for encapsulation.

Luxeon’s coating technology also overcomes the undesirable colour variations and halo effects of other solid state light sources, significantly improving the colour consistency and beam quality of white light.

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