Why the Internet stinks!

DigiScents plan is to partner with leading web sites and interactive media companies to – as they put it – ‘scent enable’ the Internet.

Somepeople think that the Internet stinks. But pretty soon, it really might if a new company DigiScents has anything to do with it. DigiScents plan is to partner with leading web sites and interactive media companies to – as they put it – ‘scent enable’ the Internet.

DigiScents claim that with its iSmell digital scent technology, consumers will be able to enjoy more lifelike and memorable experiences with scented Web sites, e-mail, movies, music, e-commerce, interactive games, and online advertising.

The system works by first indexing a scent according to its chemical composition and its place in a scent spectrum. Then, the scent is digitised into a small file, which can be attached to any kind of web content, interactive games, e-mail, movies or music. Finally, the company’s ScentStream software distributes the scented content over the Internet. Smells reach the user through a plug-and-play device called the iSmell Personal Scent Synthesiser, a small inexpensive speaker-sized box.

In its latest move, DigiScents has acquired SenseIT Technologies, a Delaware-based digital scent company, for an undisclosed number of DigiScents shares. Other terms of the deal were not disclosed. The combined entity, DigiScents, will retain headquarters in Oakland, California, with branch offices in New York City, New York and an R&D center in Israel.

SenseIT Technologies, was co-founded by Internet and multimedia entrepreneur Eli Fisch, and two scientists from the Israeli Weizmann Institute of Science, Professors Doron Lancet and David Harel. Fisch, the president of the company, also founded one of the largest Interactive Agencies in Europe specialising in e-commerce and e-business applications.

Lancet, a leading expert in the science of olfaction and head of Israel’s human genome project, is joining the DigiScents Scientific Advisory Board along with Harel, Dean of the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science at the Weizmann Institute of Science and a world-renown leader in his field.

Harel is also the inventor of the Statecharts language, and co-founded I-Logix. The DigiScents Advisory Board already includes leading olfaction authorities Stuart Firestein, Columbia University Professor of Neurobiology, and Harry Lawless, Cornell University Professor of Food Science.

In October 1999, DigiScents first announced its complete solution for digitising and broadcasting scents over the Internet. Through its partnership with RealNetworks, DigiScents ScentStream software will be auto-downloaded to over 135 million RealPlayer users.

Through its partnership with Hong Kong-listed Pacific Century CyberWorks, DigiScents technology will be available across all of the Asia-Pacific via NOW, PCCW’s Internet, e-commerce, and interactive television network. The company has also announced partnerships with Procter & Gamble and eCandy.com. Over 1,700 developers have subscribed to the DigiScents ScentWare Developers Program, that was launched March 2000.

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