Will Bluebird fly again?

It was 1938 when the Bluebird K3 last made the news, propelling Malcom Campbell into the record books, with a speed of 131.6mph, and an assured place in the public imagination.

Now, Paul Foulkes-Halbard, lifelong admirer of the Campbells’ achievements, is bringing Bluebird’s quiet semi-retirement to an end, completing the restoration of the boat at his motor museum near Eastbourne. Foulkes-Halbard believes that, when finished, the boat will be 12-15% stronger than when it was built. This is due partly, he says, to the help offered by TR Fastenings, which was able to supply over 5000 nuts, bolts and screws which, in order to preserve the boat’s integrity, had to be as near as possible to the originals.