Wilson builds on construction programme

The UK’s Construction Minister Brian Wilson today announced a renewed drive to promote radical change within the construction industry to achieve higher standards of safety and reliability.

The extension of the ‘Rethinking Construction’ programme, which is aimed at driving up standards, follows consultation within the industry to look at what could be done to make it more effective.

The consultation revealed overwhelming support for the continuation of the programme, but with a simpler, better integrated structure, and a focus on wider dissemination and industry ownership.

The new drive means that the ‘Rethinking Construction’ programme will continue for another two years after March 2002; and the structure for its implementation will be streamlined whilst maintaining focus on particular areas such as housing.

According to a statement from the Department of Trade and Industry, the emphasis of the ‘Rethinking Construction’ programme will now be on dissemination and more widespread industry ownership, especially in the regions and amongst smaller companies.

‘Widespread adoption of ‘Rethinking Construction’ will be the key to improving the competitiveness of the UK economy,’ said Wilson. ‘The programme has already achieved a major impetus for reform, and demonstration projects have shown substantial, measured, improvements in performance compared with industry averages.

‘Now that the leaders have shown what can be done, we must launch a renewed drive to make the best practice of today, the common practice of tomorrow,’ concluded Wilson.

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