Wilson presses for UK fuel cell development

A new body to drive forward the development of fuel cell technology was launched at the Department of Trade and Industry today.

Fuel Cells UK will assist the emerging UK sector by helping to promote and raise the profile of the fuel cell industry in the UK. It will also act as a central contact point of contact for national and international companies and the research community.

Brian Wilson, Energy Minister, hailed fuel cell technologies as a major potential contributor towards the UK becoming a low carbon economy.

‘Fuel cell technology today stands at the crossroads. It is no longer a laboratory curiosity, and substantial public and private sector investment is beginning to drive the long promised commercialisation forward,’ said Mr Wilson.

Fuel Cells UK will be managed by Synnogy, which specialises in developing renewable energy, and will receive two years initial funding from the DTI. It will be led by a steering group including representatives from leading UK fuel cell companies, Government and academia. Fuel Cells UK will work closely with new and existing initiatives in the UK and across the world.

‘Government and the research community must pull together. and Fuel Cells UK will play the leading role in making this happen,’ added Mr Wilson.