Wimax on the way

Intel and Proxim Corporation announced this week that they will jointly develop and deliver WiMAX products for fixed and portable broadband wireless access.

WiMAX, known also as 802.16, is an emerging technology that allows long-range high-speed wireless Internet access, serving both dense metropolitan areas and rural or suburban communities.

Initially, the companies will work together on fixed base stations (supporting the 802.16a, revision d specification), as well as customer premise equipment (CPE) for fixed wireless networks.

In addition to WiMAX CPE, Proxim intends to develop a WiMAX base station which it will market as the Tsunami MP.16.

Also as part of the collaboration, the companies will co-develop a reference design for WiMAX CPE equipment. Intel will provide the CPE architecture, including the key hardware and software components as a reference design for other WiMAX equipment makers to help subscriber station designers bring products to market faster.

Intel and Proxim will also work together to develop base stations based on the emerging 802.16e portable broadband specificatio.

Proxim plans to deliver its fixed WiMAX-certified broadband wireless solution in early 2005, and portable WiMAX-certified solutions in late 2005. Shipment of any WiMAX Forum Certified product is dependent on the start of interoperability and certification testing, which is currently scheduled to begin in late 2004.

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