Wind at Lotus

Group Lotus is investigating the potential of erecting a wind farm at the company’s manufacturing plant in the UK.

Group Lotus, the high performance sports car manufacturer and engineering consultancy, has joined forces with green power outfit Ecotricity, to investigate the potential of erecting a wind farm at the company’s manufacturing plant and test track at Hethel near Wymondham in Suffolk.

As a first move towards their goal, Ecotricity has submitted a request for a ‘Scoping Opinion’ to South Norfolk District Council to discover their views on the idea.

If the farm development goes ahead, the turbines could provide up to 100% of Lotus’s electricity needs. Excess power would be fed into the local grid and could be used by local residents.

Lotus has already carried out an assessment of its premises at Hethel near Wymondham to demonstrate the potential for the three turbine wind park that would be located in the centre of the company’s test track.

The request for a Scoping Opinion represents the next stage in progressing the development of the site. It will seek the views and advice of all statutory bodies concerned, such as the Environment Agency, the Ministry of Defence and Natural England.

By using wind turbine generated electricity, the Lotus Cars manufacturing facility, the assembly halls, paint shop and composite shops, the engine test facility, the computer aided design and analysis tools, project and administration offices would all benefit from a 100% renewable energy source.