Wind power wins in Mansfield

A Newark and Sherwood District Council planning committee has approved a wind farm planned by npower renewables for land to the south of Mansfield, Nottinghamshire.

Councillors voted 8-3 in favour of the application, which was recommended for approval by the district’s planning officer.

Trent Councillor Roger Blaney said: ‘If we are serious about renewable energy, this would seem to be the perfect site for a wind farm.’

Beacon Councillor Marika Tribe said: ‘We can’t rely on our energy problems being solved in another place. I’m afraid we’ve run out of other places.’

The five-turbine wind farm will provide green energy for local homes. npower renewables Development Manager Cath Stevenson said, ‘We are delighted with today’s decision and would thank the 3000 or so people who wrote to the council in support of the wind farm.

‘The planning committee have had the conviction to make this decision and take a positive and concrete step in tackling climate change.

‘Lindhurst is a good site for a wind farm and will power a lot of local homes. The five turbines are expected to meet the annual average electricity needs of between 4,700 and 5,100 homes, offsetting thousands of tonnes of carbon dioxide, helping in the fight against climate change.’